There are so many advantages to having an online site for conducting business. Whether you are running an ecommerce site that sells products online, or you are attempting to promote your traditional business through the internet, or you offer some type of service online to your clients and customers, you are going to need a fully functional website that is always active and protected. Having a quality site can really help businesses grow in this economy.

But with the advantages of the internet come a few negatives too. One of the biggest negatives is the security of websites. As you may know, attacks on websites are fairly common these days. And the most frequent type of attack you see on sites is the DDoS attack. The reason this attack is so dangerous is because it can cripple any type of website, even if it has some standard security protocols in place. DDoS attacks do not usually do any lasting damage, but they can take your site offline for a while.

If you are in the type of business where it is not feasible for you to have a website that is down for many hours or days, you are going to need a company like Sharktech providing you with DDoS protection for your site and/or data. This company is one of the most prominent players in providing DDoS protection, along with other internet security services. The team at this company has worked very hard over the past 13 years to create an image of excellence, hard work and dedication to their passion – internet security.


While they are not a large company, they have offices in a few different parts of the world. One of their major offices is in Las Vegas, but they can serve companies and clients around the world without any problems.