One of the easiest businesses to start is a window cleaning service in Toronto. It is something with which you can make decent money, build great relationships with your clients, and you are guaranteed a steady stream of work for as long as you want it. Following are the steps you will need to follow in order to start up your window cleaning service.

Of course, you are going to want to start your business by going around to all of the local businesses in your area and passing out business cards. Get to know the owners and tell them about the services you offer. Before you start washing windows, you’ll want to learn some of the best methods and start practicing them at home.

In the beginning, you’ll want to do all of the work for yourself. Once you start making enough money and have a large enough clientele, you’ll be able to justify hiring help and branching out.

One of the best methods to do is the wet brush/squeegee method. Pour a few drops of your cleaner into a bucket filled with water. Use the brush to scrub the windows and the squeegee to dry them off. This is a method that has been around for many years and is much better than any other method available today.

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For as long as you like- and can- you should run your business out of your home. Keep your supplies stored at home and do your bookkeeping in a convenient location. At some point, you are going to feel like you’re making enough money to open an office, but chances are you’ll want to remain working from home for as long as possible.

Get some professionally printed business cards/statements. If there is not going to be anyone at home to answer the phone during the day, you may want to consider hiring an answering service.

Depending on your area, you can charge anywhere from $25-30 per hour and hire help at ΒΌ of that once you have enough business to justify it.