Looking jealously in from the outside, those with only the hindsight of an overview would be forgiven for believing that one of the world’s smallest but prosperous countries is extremely central.

 Indeed, since its independence, businesses from far and wide came to recognize the potential in convenience through being centrally located. Now the legendary jewel of the entire region, Singapore is indeed central to Southeast Asia.

But on the ground, this small city state is a lot more complex. High standards of living were made possible over the years through successive regime’s patronizing enforcement of getting its citizenry to learn to live co-operatively and cheek by jowel, as it were. In any part of the world, it has never been easy to live in highly congested and urbanized centers. But look a little closer and outsiders will find this hard to believe.


How is it possible for a sprawling luxurious and fairly large cluster of condo-style homes to thrive in such an urban environment? Thanks to its innovators, creators, investors, financiers and developers, all part of the consortium that has delivered this, it has become possible. The inventiveness and creativity that went into the skillful architectural work that helped put together this fine forestwoods development has made it possible.

Strategically located, it will remain central for all new proud homeowners, investors and holiday makers. For many with an appreciation of the country and its surrounding region’s both harsh and lush history, they will become beneficiaries of the multicultural personality that has made Singapore world famous. Whether to go sightseeing or travel to work, everything will be in close proximity to the new owners’ location.

And then over weekends, permanent residents will get to rub shoulders with everyone else busily preoccupied in the city’s markets and malls.